Your email is about to get a lot better

Emmerge is the first inbox with shared todos. Get organized without yet another system to check every day.

Easily get to inbox zero

Your inbox shouldn't be your task list. Emmerge lets you capture and assign action items for you and your team, and archive the message. Stop marking messages unread, keep the context, and lose the clutter. But it's more than just that!

Work smarter, not harder

Project management and collaboration have never been easier, because Emmerge builds on the work you and your co-workers have already done. We use the messages you're already writing to ensure that task lists, messages and documents get to the right people, right away, whether they're Emmerge users or not.

Better than a collaboration platform

You shouldn't need to abandon your conversations just to collaborate well, and you shouldn't need to get all your co-workers on-board to make it useful. Emmerge helps you coordinate with colleagues, customers, and partners, without asking them to adopt a new platform.

You already write about what to do. We're taking those conversations to the next level.

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